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Globalization, mutual legal influences between Member States and the intricacy of “Brussels’ operations” calls for a thorough knowledge of national law, comparative law, and EU policies.
In France and in the European Union, dialogue between companies and institutions is common practice.  By not using this communication channel, institutions could adopt texts without taking into account the reality of company’s day-to-day operations.  Yet, these texts can have a disproportionate impact on a company’s business model.
Behind an action to gain influence, there are legal issues in the area of competition law, internal market, regulatory affairs, trade barriers, taxation, etc.  These substantive arguments could impact the content of the legislation.  Public authorities expect them to be brought by companies.
Mastering this legal and political environment provides a competitive advantage on other stakeholders.  Product Law Firm supports your dialogue with the institutions upstream, in order to anticipate risks, seize opportunities and avoid litigation.